Ever one tries their best to stay fit and healthy specially when you are not feeling well or are ill. Have you noticed or felt that when we are not feeling well physically or mentally then the only thing we want is to recover from our illness as soon as possible. But when we are ill and challenged by our health then what becomes more challenging is to pay a visit to a doctor. Search the right doctor near you and getting an appointment with his/her is the toughest part. Surfing the internet to find a doctor, when found making a call or standing in long queue just to get their appointment can make you even more sick. People may suggest you with doctors from their own experience, but you need the best one according to your need who can help you recover soon. Wherein there are many qualified doctors that are available online and in places near you to help you recover soon. But who can actually help when you when sick with all these pre-visit formalities. So don’t you worry cause your doctor to revive you from all these formalities is here. Say hello to Medzoid, the one stop solution to all your medical needs. But what is Medzoid? So let find it out.

What is Medzoid?

Medzoid is a revolution in the field of medical field. It is one such smart technology that gives powers to its user to manage their own health. With Medzoid you can bid farewell to all health related formalities that need to be carried out before its management. It is a platform that empowers its users to select doctors according to the disease and the symptoms they are suffering from. The users or patients can also select doctors and specialist depending on their department, qualification, speciality, location and reviews given by other patients. Reviews? Yes, Medzoid unlike other online health care providers allows the users or patients to leave a feedback or review on the profile of the doctor they last visited. These reviews will help you get a clear picture of the doctor you will be visiting. 

Medzoid believes in total customer/ user satisfaction and thereby assists them with a massive range of online healthcare services. Through Medzoid users can get connected with the best hospitals in town or nearby, pathologies, pharmacies, blood banks/ blood donors and emergency services just at one click. The users can search for nearby healthcare providers depending on their geographical location. Users can select pharmacies near them storing medicines from their brand name and also gives the best generic alternatives. 

Medzoid helps the users by directing and assisting them with the location of hospitals. Through this the users save a lot of time from standing in the long billing lines and settling tones of paper formalities. Making like easy, Medzoid assists its users by helping them with nearby emergency services and blood donors at the right time. 

The services that are rendered by Medzoid are available for the users and patients round the clock. The system to avail the services user friendly and can be easily managed. So lets know how a patient can book an appointment on Medzoid.

How can a Patient Book Appointments?

The intelligent system that has been used to manage the features on Medzoid can be easily operated. With just a few clicks the users can avail the provided services. To make an appointment with a doctor the patients have to select a doctor depending on the following criteria:

  • By selecting Doctor according to the body part affected 
  • By selecting Doctor according to the symptoms experienced
  • By selecting Doctor according to the department 
  • By selecting Doctor according to your location or address 
  • By selecting Doctor according to the reviews given on their profile

1-By selecting Doctor according to the body part effected

The patients or users can search for a Doctor by selecting the body part or area suffering due to any disorder or disease. The users or patients just have to select a body part showcased in the listing. A list of related doctors will be shown from where they can choose the doctor they want to visit, making the process of searching the right healing hand easier.

2-By selecting Doctor according to the symptoms experienced

Without an expects guidance no one can understand on their own as to which disease or disorder one is suffering form. Due to which getting connected to the right doctor can be a bit difficult. Understanding this Medzoid can up with a solution where the users and patients can select a doctor depending on the symptoms experienced.  

3-By selecting Doctor according to the department

To choose the right aiding hand can be a bit difficult but with the help of Medzoid patients and users can effectively search of near by doctors and specialists. The users from the listed departments can select the required department and click on their the doctor with their specialization to help you get the right treatment. 

4-By selecting Doctor according to your location or address

With this feature the users and patients can narrow their search allowing them to search the best doctors from the listed department depending upon their specialty. The patients just have select their current location or their desired geographical location. With this information the intelligent system of Medzoid helps with a list of near by doctors and specialists available according to your time slot.


5-By selecting Doctor according to the reviews given on their profile

Users and patients are also provided with the authority to give their feedback. They may like or dislike writing a comment on the concerned doctor’s profile. This helps others and new users to get in touch with the right healing hand. 

After selecting a doctor from the above list the patients and users can make an appointment according to their preferred time. Once an appointment is made a notification with the appointment ticket number will be delivered on their smart phone or system according to which they can track it to manage time.