Health is the biggest blessing that we have been gifted with and taking care of it is our prime duty. When we are physically ill and have been drained out of all that is left in us then the best way to regain our energy is to recover soon. 

Emergency is something that can happen at any time and anywhere. At this point time plays a very important role in your life. At the time of an accident or if someone is undergoing an operation, then giving the right treatment at required time is very crucial. Lack of any, may lead to ill effects leading to loss of life. But the saddest part is that even after knowing the importance of time sometime adequate help is not received by many. 

Blood and Blood donors play an important role in such emergencies. Finding the right blood donor with the required blood group is important. So to make sure that the right blood reaches the required, Medzoid forms a platform that serves round the clock. But do you know as to what is Medzoid? Let’s find it out.

What is Medzoid?

Medzoid is a revolution in the field Healthcare provider. It allows the patients or users to get connected with healthcare facilities directly. It forms a bridge between them, eliminating middle men and providing services at the best affordable price. With Medzoid users can enjoy healthcare services in areas near them. 

The smart system of Medzoid according to the geographical location of the users suggests hospitals, doctors, pharmacies, pathologies, emergency services, etc. but the best part of using Medzoid is that the users or patients can find blood donors near them. This empowers them to find the right blood group at the right time. But what is the process of getting or donating blood at Medzoid? Let’s know how.

How to Get Blood?

With the help of this streamlined feature the users or patients can find the right blood donor at the right time. The Medzoid system uploads your geographical location and your requirement provides the donors with information regarding the nearest blood donors or banks.

The users/ patients can find the right blood group donor by-

  • Searching with the Required Blood Group
  • Searching Blood Group According to your Location or Address
  • By Selecting a Blood Donor and Sending Him/Her Request
  • If Donor Accepts You

1-Searching with the Required Blood Group

Medzoid helps you to search for a blood donor by selecting your or required blood group. Once the selections are made you need to submit your entry.

2-Searching Blood Group According to your Location or Address

When finding blood with Medzoid you need to select a particular blood donor and furnish your requirements. You need to fill your requirement  in a separate form that appears thereafter, including the details of the patient. You need to mention the date of requirement and the details of the consulting hospital or doctor.

3-By Selecting a Blood Donor and Sending Him/Her Request

With Medzoid the users are allowed to select a blood donor, fill and submit their form. Your request with the requirement will be sent to the concerned blood donor near you.

4-If Donor Accepts You

If you generate a request for a particular blood to a donor you will be supplemented with his/her contact details. You may also check the status of your request.

How to Donate Blood?

If you are looking forward to donate blood with Medzoid then you need to make a user profile and select the option as a blood donor. You need to fill in your details like name, blood group and contact number. 

If there is a requirement for your blood group people will contact on your given contact number. 


Thus we can say that the with the help of Medzoid users and patients get connected with the best healthcare facilities. With Medzoid you can easily find blood donors near you, anywhere anytime.