How MEDZOID Search Works


Medzoid is a healthcare technology company that provides a digital marketplace for all major stakeholders of healthcare business that connects patients and doctors. Each month, lot of patients search Medzoid’s marketplace, free-of-charge, to discover a wide range of healthcare providers that are relevant to the criteria they input. Patients can independently decide to select a provider based on their unique needs and qualification and either schedule an appointment  if they so desire or contact them.

Medzoid is not a healthcare provider –  so w­­­­­­e do not recommend or refer patients to a specific healthcare provider. We do not judge or rank healthcare providers. Rather, Medzoid marketplace is patient-initiated, patient-directed and patient centric. we empower patients to independently make their own healthcare decisions – which  healthcare providers best fit their needs.


Frequently Ask Question:


What Factor we are taken in search ranking:

We are Taking variety of factors in each search but all centre around Patient information input. Primary factors are location and Doctor qualification according to patients requirement. Patient can search according to their symptom, disease, department and procedure. After selecting healthcare provider they have option either they can contact and reach at physical centre or book their appointment.

Patient also can search near by pharmacy and place their order online.

Below we are describe in detail of each:

  • Doctor qualification according to patient need:

Healthcare sector is a black spot for most of Patients. They don’t have adequate knowledge where and how to consult in their specific healthcare need. These knowledge gap benefits taken by middleman. Medzoid empower patients knowledge to where and how they consult to qualified healthcare providers according to their symptom, disease, department and their required procedure. 

-Location: when patients search healthcare provider we are taken location of patient and healthcare provider. Patient can use their current location or any specific location.


How often Medzoid search result and ranking change:

Medzoid search result changes with location and patient centric need doctor qualification.

How Medzoid verify qualified Healthcare provider before appear in search?

In Medzoid healthcare provider signup our platform and submit their document like active medical licence and qualification document for verification during onboarding process. We confirm their speciality and department then we active their profile for search listing.

Do Medzoid refer patients to any specific healthcare provider?

No, Medzoid don’t refer patients to any particular healthcare providers. It is completely patient decision to choose healthcare provider.

Can Paid listening possible on Medzoid for healthcare providers?

No we are not offering any paid listening.

Are Medzoid selling medicine?

As Medzoid is marketplace. We are not selling any kinds of medicine. We are only providing digital marketplace which connect patients and pharmacies.






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