How Reviews Work on Medzoid

Reviews on Medzoid are different from other sites.

Reviews/feedback are extremely essential element to make any system accountable. Lot of online places are available which provide healthcare providers reviews but problems are that anyone can give reviews. As we know word of mouth feedbacks are gold standard till today because we believe it were genuine. So why we take them so seriously. We’re dedicated to show healthcare providers reviews from verified patients that is both informative and trustworthy. But question is what makes the Medzoid reviews better than the others? And how can you give useful reviews that other patients read? Read out the answers to your questions below!


Frequently Ask Question:

How Medzoid reviews are different from other?

On Medzoid reviews are coming from genuine patients only. Patients can give you feed back only after appointment complete and no other way to give feedbacks. our major aim to making all reviews are fair, accurate and trustworthy.

Mainly two type of review system are use open loop and close loop system. Medzoid use close loop reviews system it means only those patients can give doctor feedback those complete their consultation with these doctor it is the major difference with open loop in which anyone can give any doctor may be possible these group never consult these doctors.

We are encourage patients to give their reviews with each appointments so Medzoid reviews are not showing only highly happy or unhappy patients.


How I can give reviews?


After completing appointment feedback option are enable in your appointment panel. It contain sets of questioners whose can submit. If you were already given review those particular healthcare provider you can modify it also.


Do you only give positive feedback only?


No , you can give both positive and negative feed but we are not allowing abusing language.



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